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    I have worked with Golden Opportunities since 2010. They are a trustworthy and professional agency. Communications with Heleen and Zach are always extremely helpful and prompt. I could not be happier with the service I have received for the past 3 years through Golden Opportunities. My experience in working with Golden Opportunities has been nothing but positive and I look forward to working with them for many years to come.
    Jeff Paplow Harvesting
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    We have been working with Golden Opportunities for a number of years now in the process of obtaining our H2A workers for our harvesting business. Heleen and anyone working in her office has always been timely and very professional preparing documents for the initial filing process and recruiting for qualified workers. In addition to the extensive paperwork that they prepare for us they have always gone out of their way to follow through and assist with any problems that arise, even answering phones on weekends and evenings when necessary. Any concerns we have had have always been dealt with as they are as important to them as they are to our business. It is my pleasure to recommend Golden Opportunities to anyone looking for assistance in obtaining H2A workers as we have.
    Thouvenel Harvesting LLC
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    Golden Opportunities had done an excellent job for our company in obtaining seasonal employees for our farming operation. Heleen , Gabe and their team does an excellent job in sourcing people for our farming operation. With allthe increased government regulations , we are very confident in working with Golden Opportunities LLC . The required documents and follow-up paperwork are completed in a timely manner each season.
    Arrow Farms LLC
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    When we started contacting work placement services, we had no idea what we were doing. The first time we called Golden Opportunities, we felt so at ease. Heleen told us she would walk with us through the whole process and she has done exactly that. Every step of the process was explained before it actually took place which made everything effortless for us. Heleen has been only a phone call away whenever we needed her. When she and her husband were in Georgia, they came by to meet with us in person. My experience with Golden Opportunities and Heleen van Tonder has been wonderful because of the special care Heleen has shown to us. We are thrilled with the employee she matched us with. Looking back, we could not have done it without her. We feel indebted for the concern and care she gave to us and our employee.
    Wayne and Pet Williams
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    The services we have benefitted from on behalf of Golden Opportunities are very satisfactory. You are efficient and respond to our requests in a timely manner. The employees provided to us by Golden Opportunities for four years have been suitable and agreeable for our business. Any time a challenge arose, we felt supported and comforted by your ability to provide a prompt solution. Communication has flown easily allowing the great deal of paperwork to get finished. We gladly recommend Golden Opportunities to others who need overseas workers. Thank you.
    Al's Custom Cutting, Inc.
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    We engaged Heleen van Tonder (Golden Opportunities International LLC) in locating an employee from South Africa. Ms. van Tonder is efficient and business-like. She was a true ally through the entire process. The communication process (either by phone, fax or e-mail) was prompt and helpful. She did her best to keep us informed of the status of the potential employee. She did an excellent job in matching our business with an individual with the necessary qualifications. I would not hesitate to use her service again.
    Rex McCloy
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    What can I say.…… my experience with Golden Opportunities and Amazing Golden Opportunities (SA) after I decided to join them, was only a pleasure. Their high standard and professional manner in which they do business and treat us as clients really appealed to me and I would recommend any person to make use of them. The way everything is presented just makes your visit to the US Consulate so much easier and relaxing. Thanks to Heleen and Celia.
    Albert Pool - Cape Town
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    Here is a word of thanks to two ladies, Celia van Heerden (Jeffreysbay, South Africa) and Mrs. Heleen van Tonder (Iowa, USA). I (Stiaan van Zyl), came to the USA in 2006 and in 2007, and I made use of their services to find a job in the America. Both ladies, in my opinion, did a excellent job and was always helpful. The ladies mentioned above and their families, is a privileged to know, and I will without a doubt work with Golden Opportunities International, LLC/Amazing Golden Opportunities in the future if I wanted to come back.
    Stiaan van Zyl
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    I would like to make use of this opportunity to thank you for your utmost professional and friendly service rendered to us during Andries's application to work abroad. Your willingness to take phone calls (even any time during weekends!!) and then with all that kindness and friendliness!! Your time and trouble put into Andries's application is really appreciated. Your information was excellent and well prepared and your help with the consulate was very professional. Anybody could be a winner if you are standing behind them! Without it, we would never have managed. Thank you, also, that you were prepared to help me with my personal matters without ever expecting repayment. Would you please let Heleen know that we also appreciate all her time and efforts to make a success of Andries's application. And the fact that she made the final phone call all the way from the US really impressed us with your company. May it grow from strength to strength - as it deserves!!! All your help and friendliness is much appreciated. Keep up the good work!!
    Andries and Janine Louw
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    I want to express how very happy we are with Golden Opportunities International, LLC. Heleen and her team have always helped us with anything that came up with our H2A labor. We will be going on 7 years that we’ve been working with her. She has gone beyond what we’d expect an agent to go for us. Her motto is “Your Satisfaction is my Inspiration” and that pretty much says it all. I have worked with other agents in the past and have never worked with anyone as honest and as fair as she is. When she calls, it is like talking to a friend. Her office is always on time with our paperwork and explains things so well. They make the application process very easy. She has also brought us excellent people from South Africa to work. I would highly recommend them.
    Hoerner Harvesting, Inc.
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